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Our "Good Trouble"



I speak at 2:20.  It dredged up old wounds mentioned here:


We have made progress but as you know, as public servants, change is often slow.  Still we persevere.  I am concerned about stories like this one.  And I want our district to make a change.  Mary McCann with UUS and the Social Justice team suggested I reach out to you both.  


I have made a formal request to have the Pride Flag flown at the CCA High School and District Building.  We are just a beginning of this endeavor however, I am getting a sense that it will be a struggle.  I wanted to reach out now and give you background on who we are and what we are trying to do so that I may reach out to you in the near future to garner support.  I'm marshalling the troops so to speak.


Thank you for taking some time to read this email and the above materials provided.

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