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  • When, where, and how often do we want to meet?

  • What are the steps for a student to join the club?

  • Do we want to require some learning (for white students) and/or silence before joining?

  • What types of norms do we want to establish for discussion and attendance?

  • Facilitator(s)? Ambassador? (President/co-presidents and vice president)


  • Highs and lows

  • “Conflict Resolution” – working through conflicts, concerns, and feelings with group based on personal experiences in school and community related to race

  • Mindfulness exercises – develop and practice strategies to cope with stress

  • Quiet time for individual journaling or creativity with an opportunity to share


  • What types of areas do we want to learn about? Current event issues? Historical issues?

  • What types of mediums do we have interest in? Movies, TV shows, podcasts, books, articles? Look to Teaching Tolerance for a starting point with materials.

  • Do we want to prepare with a text before meeting and then discuss or review a text during a meeting?


  • What changes do we want to see in the school? Do students want to help inform the policy team as the policy is written for the district?

  • Do we have interest in having some sort of celebration night or a theme week?

  • Do we want to be involved with community education and sharing stories/experiences?

  • Do we want to write letters to the Governor/other leaders about change?

  • Identify our spheres of influence

  • How can we express ourselves to share with the district/community?

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What is CORE ?

CORE (Community of Racial Equity) is a grassroots youth-led nonprofit organization founded in 2014 working in central Iowa to create sustainable change in our communities through equity, education, and building leadership. We have chapters at Roosevelt, North, Lincoln, Johnston, Valley, Central Academy, Urbandale, and Dowling.
AND SOON Tiffin, Iowa!

What does each school need to function?

Facilitator (1 or 2) : Leads meetings, creates agendas, attends statewide meetings

★ If the facilitator(s) are seniors they must choose someone or hold a vote to decide who will replace them when they graduate

★ Statewide meetings are held monthly via zoom or at a set location, each school must have a representative present even if it is not a facilitator

Adult Sponsor (1 or 2) : Provides a space for students to meet, supervises meetings, assists students when needed (for example; finding funding, connections, or chaperoning events), attends statewide meetings (encouraged but not required)

Weekly or Biweekly Meetings : Each school decides meeting dates/times & creates agendas as they see fit, starting in the 2020-2021 school year statewide leaders choose topics for the schools to focus on throughout the year providing resources.

What does CORE do?

By uniting strong leaders in collaboration, CORE challenges inequities in education, provides a community for BIPoC students and allies to discuss issues within their schools and cities, and creates action steps to make long-lasting change.

These actions include creating spaces for community conversations by holding seminars & workshops, attending and presenting at conferences, serving on the State Board of Education, leading Professional Development for teachers, and working with other organizations, activists, policymakers, lawyers, community members and educators, both on the local and national level.

Accomplishments from the Past Two Years:

- White Privilege Conference (Attends & Presents annually)

- WHITE PRIVILEGE SYMPOSIUM | tpi-site (Attends & Presents)

- Des Moines Civil & Human Rights Symposium (Attends, Presents, & Helps Organize annually)

- 2018 DMPS Climate & Culture Summit (Presented)

- 2020 MSMH Conference (Presented)

- 2018 CORE Speaker Series (Created & Presented)

- 2018 UNI Fredrick Douglass Human Rights Festival (Presented)

- 2020 Youth Speak Week Town Halls (Created & Presented)

See Below for 2020-2021 School Year Meeting Notes

Core Statewide Agenda 7/04/2020

8/12/20 Statewide Agenda


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