What began as a conversation about equity and diversity in the CCA School District

...became a movement about equity and diversity that grew into four pillars of change: community engagement, policy review and revision, continuing education, and student programming. 50+ parents, students, and teachers appeared before the Clear Creek Amana School Board to share their heart-wrenching stories of racism, division, pain, and lack of empathy. This group came together quickly to identify several main asks: OUR DEMANDS:

  1. POLICY: Our students need the district to combine efforts with a diverse team to review and rewrite various policies using a student-centered lens of equity, to ensure comprehensive protections for all.

  2. CONTINUED EDUCATION: Our students need the district to provide ongoing equity training, inclusivity education for all district stakeholders, and a pre-K through 12th grade curriculum that is culturally competent and anti-racist.

  3. STUDENT GROUPS: Our students need student-centered groups developed to support all marginalized groups and victims at all education levels.

  4. STATEMENT: Our students need to see the district post a public statement on the district website within 48 hours, stating that CCACSD is committed to forming a diverse team to begin the immediate process of reviewing and revising policies, regulations, and processes using a student-centered lens of equity.

Here is the statement that was made by the CCASD and posted to the school website as well as sent via email to the community on 7/16/2020:

Equity Message from the School Board and Administration

Letter To our CCA students, parents, staff and community, At the CCA board meeting on Wednesday July 15th our community came out and spoke to us with honest, raw and passionate examples of racism and discrimination within the CCA district.  We would like to sincerely thank each individual who chose to share those personal stories, so the board, administration and staff can begin to develop all the supports needed to eliminate racism and discrimination within our school and community.  As difficult as it was to listen to the hurt endured, that pain and honesty will be used as a catalyst for true change, not just words on paper.

At the CCA board meeting on July 29th an action item will be included to approve an advisory committee to the board.  That committee will help to tackle the requests stated at the board meeting, which include, a comprehensive Equity Policy, diversity and bias training for all who choose to be part of our CCA staff. Lastly, but most importantly the committee will help guide our path and commitment to this work and help to reset our course as we pursue this task.  Mistakes will be made along the way and we need to continue to be honest, but also continue to celebrate when we have made true impacts within our school community. We will also have a timeline available after our August 5th work session, which will outline the time frame for each step of the process we need to develop and complete. As we move through this process we recognize there will be more pain and more need for accountability and we intend to see this through until we have what our students need to feel safe and supported while under our watch as a CCA district.

Sincerely, School Board Members Jennifer Mooney, President Matt McAreavy, Vice-President Bob Broghammer Nikki Knapp Eileen Schmidt Kathy Swenka Jeff Tackaberry CCA Building Administration Tim Kuehl Matt Leeman Barb Hunt Angi Hoyer Ben Macumber Kirk Ryan Mark Moody Mike Potter Brad Fox Jody Bandy Brian Williams Stacy Stull Brenda Parker

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