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Truth Download 2020

Truth Download 2020's Facebook group is a platform linked to the TD2020 Google Suite for online meetings. We hope to gather those living in and around Johnson County, IA for discussions about Race, Systemic Racism, Anti-Racism, Police Brutality, and White Privilege. We believe that a picture is worth a thousand words so, if you are offended by the photos posted on this page, this is not your space.

#TD2020 is the brainchild of Students of Color who asked for a safe space to discuss their real everyday lives in Iowa. They wanted a place where they could hear from Mentors of Color – where they could ask questions that they wouldn’t ask in front of their White classmates. TD2020 is that place where defenses can be set aside, and each voice will be heard.

All Religions are respected here. There's a powerful unity that springs from the ability to appreciate the joy and peace of mind others feel because of their religious beliefs and practice. Religious intolerance won't be tolerated.

#TD2020 is a secure platform where Middle and High School Students of Color can gather in online meetings. Problems can be discussed, fears can be shared, actions, coalitions, and study groups can be organized. We'll unpack the reality of Systemic Racism in the USA, Police Brutality, and the impact of White Privilege. Mentors of Color have volunteered to spend time to discuss how each of us and all of us can build our better way forward.

White students and White adults who voted for change also want to gather to learn about and discuss being an ally, anti-racist, and a true friend to the People of Color in their lives. Students will have their own group meetings as we work to be part of a societal solution.

Community Members of Color, Parents of Color, and White Parents with Children of Color also need a safe place to download their experiences and concerns. So, that has been added to the meeting options offered. This is a work in progress that depends on us sharing our open, honest thoughts with each other.

#To attend TD2020 Meetings

, send an email to

*Tell us about you! How old are you? Where are you a student? How do you refer to your own race? Meeting times will be in the evening or on the weekend. What days/times work for you?

*Tell us your full name and personal email where Online Meeting links can be sent.

Members of Color, Parents of Color, White Parents of Children of Color, and White Allies,

*Send an email to

*Tell us about your interest, your concerns, and your family. How do you refer to your own race? Meetings will be held in the evenings, but for those who work at night, daytimes will also be available. Let us know what days and times work for you.

*Tell us your full name and personal email where Online Meeting links can be sent.

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